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Musiro Korean Fusion Food in Jogja

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
I am a K-Drama lover. The fact that my best friends are also K-Drama lovers, is another serious pull factor.

Watching many scenes that contain Korean cullinary (yes it is you Dae Jang Geum), made me curious to try Korean food. After a long awaited opportunity, I succeed to make my husband took me to Korean food stall in a mall in Jakarta. Because I am pregnant at that moment, my husband can't resist my plea. I like the kimchi and spicy soup (forget the name) that I ordered.

Another place I ever visited is Silla Korean and Japanesse Restaurant in Ring Road Utara Jogja. It is a little bit expensive for student standard. But I think it is tasted original based on my experiences (note that I have little experience in tasting Korean food).

So far my favorite is Musiro, a Korean fusion restaurant. The location is in Affandi Street No.33. We have to walk towards an alley, but it is not far from the main road.
I have tried several menu such as bimbimbap, gimbab, jjampong ramen, buddae jigae, sundubu jigae, and topoki. I like all the menu that I've tried, except topoki. As I know, topoki is a rice cake. I think it is a little weird for my taste, but topoki is a popular snack in Korea.

L: Gimbab (Korean Sushi), R above: Bimbimbap, R below: ramyeon

My favorite menu is bimbimbap. No matter how many time I eat there, bimbimbap is my first choice. Bimbimbap is like salad. It consists of vegetables, Korean sauce, and egg. I like it better when accompanied with kimchi.

As I know, actually in Korea bimbimbap served with raw egg and presented in a hot pot. But in Musiro, the egg is cooked. The menus are not originally tasted Korean as in Silla. The fusion with Indonesian preference make it easy to be accepted among local customer. But I think maybe the taste are not that miss compare with the original, because I saw Korean student ate there and ordered one bag of kimchi to bring home.

My favorite drink is the mix of sweet potatoe and milk, I don't remember the name. Beside that, the only Korean drink is cha (tea).

Beside the fusion menu, the price are not expensive. It is suitable for students. Musiro's location itself is near universities area.

The room is decorated with many photos of K-Pop idols. Musiro also playing K-Pop songs. I am not a fans of K-Pop, thus not really get the hype. More suitable for teenage customer I think. This photo I got from this blog.

Captured scene inside Musiro. We can choose to eat inside or outside building.
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