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Phuket, The Best Thai Restaurant in Town

Monday, December 26, 2016
I knew Phuket Thai Resto for the first time in 2011. I just walked around with my friends and picked randomly a place to eat. 

First ever Phuket that we visited is in the Ring Road Utara Jogja branch.

Before we ate, we asked: are the food halal?
They confirm us that Phuket franchises serve halal foods despite the menus are Thai food.

We choosed different menus, so we can try various menus. Then....

We just fall in love with the foods....
We love almost all the menus there. And Phuket became one of our favorite place to hang out.

Thai food has unique flavor. Fresh, delicious, and rich. My personal favorite are:

Seafood Tom Yam

And Roasted Chicken Salad

I can not find other place that can serve better tom yam than Phuket so far. Even in Jakarta. This tom yam is the best! For me at least. (Please note that the restaurants I have ever visited are only limited to friendly student budget. So my experiences do not reflect quality of all Thai resto in Jogja, not to say in all over Indonesia).

The salad is just so crunchy, spicy, and fresh. Me like it.

Phuket has so many recommended menus beside those two. Such as spicy tofu, fried rice served in bananas, beef served in coconut, mango salad, nan cake, etc.
Phuket has several branches in Jogja. As far I know they are in: near Lempuyangan Fly Over, Demangan (near Ambarukmo Plaza), near Mirota Godean, and Kusumanegara.

These photos are taken in Phuket Demangan:

We can see the chefs and staff prepare the menus

Paintings of Thai cultures such as tuk tuk the Thai vehicle, Thai monks, Thai King and royal families, etc.

The prices are affordable. Nice choice to spend quality time with friends or families while enjoy delicious foods.
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